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Outdoor sauna in a blockhouse

Give your body and mind a little break


Highlight is our outdoor sauna in a blockhaus with bath tub, loungers and emotional shower. The bath tub in the open air provides a proper sauna treat and will inspire you! The spring water is heated with wood firing. This experience must be announced at least one day in advance.


For fans of the classic Finnish sauna, our sauna is just the thing.

The sauna is reserved for two hours just for you. 3,- €

And if you can not stand the damp heat, we have an infrared cabin in the house for you.


What would a holiday be without the quiet moments?

infrared cabin

* Can relieve tension and back pain
* Improve metabolism and strengthen the body's defenses
* Reduce stress
* promote purification and detoxification
* and increase recovery after physical stress

magnetic therapy

The Quantron Resonance System is a physical therapy system that uses magnetic
field to provide an ideal opportunity to do something for your own health and maintain
your performanc